HOW TO TRAVEL WITH YOUR DOG: Roger Wellington’s Expert Guide to International Dog Travel

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So you wanna travel with your dog internationally, but don’t know where to start? Are you afraid of putting your dog at risk?

Hi there! It’s Gigi, Roger Wellington’s #1 human, travel buddy, and blog manager. I know you’re hesitant to fly with your dog – I was too. Heck, I was just as terrified and confused before Roger took his first international flight to France from California in 2016. In the beginning, I felt so discouraged by the complicated paperwork required to fly internationally with Roger, but I really didn’t want to leave him behind.

Traveling Yorkie: how to travel with your dog

Flying with your dog CAN be dangerous – if you don’t do it correctly. You do NOT want your dog to die!

Not only was I overwhelmed by how international dog travel works, but I also truly feared that I was jeopardizing his health on long-haul flights. We’ve all heard those horrific air travel dog stories – from the disturbing death of a 10-month-old French bulldog forced into the overhead bin to the frequent deaths of puppies from breeders while en route to their new homes to wrong destinations flown for dogs in cargo. As you dog pawrents can empathize, I love my precious Roger so much and would NEVER risk his life for any 2-week vacation or even a long-term move.

Gosh, I had so many questions:

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Will my dog survive a 10+ hour flight?

Can my dog fly in-cabin with me?

How can I get my dog through customs?

Does my dog need to be quarantined?

WHERE can I travel with my dog?

And, I spent countless hours googling all the answers.


But YOU don’t have to do the same.

After over 7 years around the globe together, Roger and I are excited to help you do the same with your soon-to-be dog traveler. Don’t waste your time doing unnecessary online research – our E-Book is your one-stop-shop for everything you MUST know about flying internationally with your dog. We will break down the perplexing world of international dog travel for you – step by step. Learn to travel with your dog safely, smoothly, AND as stress-free as possible! 

Here are just some of the places we’ve been together:

Traveling Yorkie: how to travel with your dog


Roger Wellington’s Expert Guide to International Dog Travel

How to travel with your dog

Don’t jeopardize your dog’s life on a flight! Learn how to travel with your dog – the RIGHT way:

  • SHOULD you travel with your dog? Important questions to ask yourself before planning
  • A comprehensive STEP-BY-STEP guide to in-cabin air travel for dogs
  • What you MUST know before booking any flight with your dog
  • Unveiled secrets on how to prepare your dog for a long-haul flight
  • My personal tips on how to keep your dog safe and healthy in the air & on the road
  • An EXCLUSIVE sniff at what’s inside my carry-on
  • My paw (hand)-picked list of TOP 10 dog-friendly destinations
  • Over 130 pages of valuable insider information, predominantly NOT found on this website 

Last Updated: April 2023

WOOF, are you READY to transform your dog into a world traveler?

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