The Path to Freedom

The Extended Travel/Moving Abroad Workbook

The all-in-one workbook that walks you through 11 key areas on the path of moving abroad!

This fillable, 50+ page workbook is packed with information, relatable stories, helpful links and "action jumpstart" questions to get you taking action on 11 key areas in the extended travel/moving abroad planning process.

Written from a coffee chat, perspective, Aja pulls from her experiences and research, work as a Travel Consultant and Blogger and guidance she's provided others on their moving abroad journey to neatly hand over everything you need to get going in one "living" workbook.

Topics covered:

  • Money (How you gonna make it?)
  • Legal Items (Let's get those passports, visas, wills together!)
  • Schooling (There's a million ways to do it, choose one.)
  • The Big Flush (Purging your stuff 'cuz it's got to go.)
  • Housing (You too, can find a great home abroad with these tips.)
  • Health Insurance (What to consider and what you need to know.)
  • Moving with Pets (Yea, people do it and you may be one!)
  • Integrating into the Community (You do want to be a part of it, right?)
  • Developing Support (Because you're gonna need it!)
  • Language Barriers (You'll be prepared instead of intimidated.)
  • Logistics of Moving (What are you gonna do with your mail and other things like this?)

If you're serious about your exit, this is the resource you need to get a jumpstart on your plan! You can fill in your answers right on your device!

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