Responding to Behaviours that are Challenging - Course

Aim: To inform and empower nurses, healthcare assistants and allied health professionals to respond effectively to clients showing signs of distressed behaviour.

Course Outline: This course provides an understanding of behaviours that challenge. It addresses the complex and various origins and causes as well as they most common types of challenging behaviour. It encourages person centered care where communication is key.

Behaviours like wandering, aggression and repetitive behaviours and various triggers are explored. It focuses on approaches like the ABC Technique and distraction therapies and environmental factors. It also looks at the influence of staff culture, attitudes and practice. It complies

with HIQA Thematic Guidelines.

Objectives: To equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude to better respond to persons with behaviours that challenge using a person-centred approach. Effective Communication Strategies are threaded throughout this training to assist them in their work with clients in this kind of care setting.

Target Audience: This programme is aimed at nurses, healthcare assistants, and allied healthcare professionals who work with persons troubled by distressing behaviours and who wish to develop their skills and expertise in responding compassionately and effectively to them.


Course Video, Course Slides/Notes, Assessment.

Files are available to download and view offline or online after purchase.

Training Certificate Available on completion of assessment: Yes

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