Dog Psychology & Problem Solving Webinar On Demand

We make it easier to understand your dog's mind because there's nothing good about bad dog behavior.

You don't deserve the frustration and expense that can destroy the bond you have with your dog.
It's easier to love your dog when you
understand their mind.

Less bad behavior means less destruction.

Destructive behavior is no walk in the park.

Injuries, vet expenses, and a hurt ego are the worst parts of owning a dog but that can be avoided with this program.

Bring your dog's training to the next level by unlocking the why behind your dog's behavior to learn how to optimize the good behavior and eliminate the bad behavior.

More off-leash time.
More fetching.
Less frustration and fear.
Better deployments.
Better performance at your choice of dog sport.

This on demand webinar course is designed to educate K-9 handlers, dog trainers, and civilian dog owners.

This webinar is based on proven scientific research and two decades of training pet dogs, working dogs, and their handlers.

What you will learn:

  • Behavior
  • Conscious versus Subconscious minds
  • Human mental limitations and how those limitations effect your dog
  • The truth about classical and operant Conditioning
  • Deeper meaning of the term "reward"
  • Understanding a dog's short term and long term memory
  • 4.5 hours of content included in three modules

USD 129.00

Sold by : Canines on Duty

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