Mindset Mini-Retreat

Your Path To Solo Desk Success: Mindset Mini-Retreat

Your much needed mini-retreat for improving yourself and your business during these difficult times!

Please note: I will be offering this program at a reduced cost for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic. Regular price will be adjusted to $95 after this crisis has passed.

Maybe you're on the fence about working with a coach or a business consultant. Maybe you were planning to but then the ground collapsed beneath you due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout. Maybe you're just not sure if you're ready emotionally or financially to commit to a coaching program for your business.

I understand. I get it.

I developed this Mindset Mini-Retreat for solopreneurs and small business owners who know they need a little help-- they are ready to take their business to the next level, they want to work smarter not harder, and show up each day with PEACE and JOY rather than fear and panic... but they aren't sure how.

If that's you: take a deep breath and relax. You're in the right place. You deserve a mini-retreat to refocus, refresh, and rejuvenate.

What you get:

  • A downloadable mini-retreat/coaching course
  • Six chapters based on coaching modules I use with my clients every day
  • Six exercises with actionable steps you can apply immediately
  • An exclusive invitation for a 30 minute Mindset Breakout Session with me for FREE (this is a $250 value offered only to readers who purchase this Mindset Mini-Retreat)
  • A discounted cost for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic

1.3 MB PDF

USD 75.00

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