Skinny Bish Keto 25 Easy-Peasy Recipe Book

Simple to make Keto-friendly recipes that are fast and delicious.

I didn’t choose the Keto Lifestyle... the Keto Lifestyle chose me! I fell in love with the Keto lifestyle at a time in my life, when I was struggling to lose weight in my late thirties.

I discovered the Keto Diet and have been hooked ever since. I fell in love with this lifestyle and became very passionate about it. I began to notice that by simply cutting sugar and complex carbs out of my meals, I started to feel great! I began to lose weight, without starving myself and gain my

confidence back. I also felt motivated to workout and share my journey with others everywhere I went. Keto has now became such an integral part of my lifestyle, that I decided to create the Skinny Bish Keto lifestyle brand.

I’m SO excited about this cookbook because it includes some of my favorite high-protein recipes that keep me full, healthy, and most importantly... HAPPY. I hope that you soon-to-be Skinny Bishes enjoy these recipes just as much I enjoyed creating them for you! Happy cooking everyone!


Torrei Hart

9.88 MB PDF

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