Program 2082 - Level 2, 3 Days per Week, 8 Weeks, Tapering

Intermediate Olympic Weightlifting Program

8 week program for athletes engaged in training for Olympic Weightlifting events with option to individualise the program to meet the athlete's needs.

Included inside: Program instructions and advice, session plans for 3 sessions per week for 8 weeks, suggestions for individualisation of the program, skill drills for technical improvement, a guide to amount of work recommended per exercise, chart of abdominal exercises and a chart of flexibility exercises. Program designed by Leo Isaac, who has coached more than 500 athletes over 30 years with many national champions and international representatives for Australia. 10-page document

When you download this program you will also receive a document separately that invites you to enrol in a free online course on "Exercises and Skill Drills" so that you can view videos and textual information that explains exercises prescribed.

Bundle Product

AUD 10.00

Sold by : Leo Isaac

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