Saving Challenge & No Spend Challenge

4 Worksheets that will motivate you to spend less and save more!

4 Worksheets that will positively affect your finances this year. 

Your purchase contains 4 worksheets:

Do you need to take a break from mindlessly shopping at stores? Too much shopping at Target, Amazon or even Starbucks? If so, there is a worksheet for that. Why not, take a month off from shopping and see how that can positively affect your finances.

1: Pledge to Not Shop at a particular store

Want a fun way to track your no spend days? There's a worksheet for that and its super cute with donuts.

2: No Spend Challenge Worksheet/Game

Are you up for a saving challenge? Do you want to save up to $3,520 this year? Then there's a worksheet for that too! 

3. Money Saving Challenge Worksheet where you can save $1500, $2020 or $3520!

Last but not least, a cash envelope to keep your savings in - if you choose to keep your cash in it. (If so, keep your cash in a safe place and locked up)

4. A printable cash envelope to save all your dollars in, if you choose!

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