Photography Analysis Worksheets

7 High Quality Worksheets for students of Photography

Ever since I started Photography Revision in November 2016, I have been on a mission to help students through their Photography studies.

Whether you’re studying GCSE, A-Level or a Diploma, I wanted to make a website dedicated to making photography simple.

I had to learn the hard way, buying books for my specific camera and then reading it every day until I mastered all the modes!

When I started studying photography, the main course work my teachers gave me were to analyse other photographers work.

I was given a basic worksheet, with 10 questions and I had to work out what all the keywords meant. I didn’t know what a “Low Key” image was!

After some research, I have created these “Photography Analysis Worksheets”

Included In these are:

Photography Keywords and Terms: 3 Pages of the most common photography related terms from modes on a camera to types of editing techniques.

The Photography Analysis Worksheet: Included in the main worksheet are over 40 questions for you to ask yourself when analysing a photographer’s image.

Analysis Example Sheets: I know how frustrating it can be to interpret a photograph, so I have also included 2 different examples of photography analysis. Plus, a spare blank one for you to fill out!

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