The 30-Day Activism Challenge Workbook

Feel like you’re not doing enough in your fight against the climate crisis, but aren’t sure how to do more? Want to take on greater activism, but can’t commit to agitation and potentially getting arrested?

Great. I’m glad you’re here.

The 30-Day Activism Challenge will encourage you to enact daily, sustainable actions. Use this to take your sustainability journey to the next level as you learn the many ways that sustainability enthusiasts can become activists. Because making individual sustainability swaps is great, but activism is critical to enact real change.

Each day consists of 4 sections:

  1. The action item: an introduction and explanation on the action item of the day.
  2. Action ideas: specific examples of ways to take action.
  3. Resources: links and further information on how to effectively take action!
  4. Notes section: a spot for any notes, ideas, or research you need to do.

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