The D-C-G Trick E-BOOK

Based on the viral YouTube video with over 8 MILLION views!

I have several GREAT e-books for sale!  * Buy 2 copies of any combination of books and SAVE 10%! 3 copies - SAVE 15% ! This  e-book unlocks one of the most famous chord progressions, used by The Beatles, Eric Clapton,  Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Lynyrd Skynryd!  It seems EVERYONE has used this specific trick to write at least one of their most famous tunes.  This is more than a generic song book - it's a chance to walk in the footsteps of your favorite songwriters.  You'll also find several original riffs that can spark your own creativity. Included are audio tracks for each example, as well as photos, TAB and helpful tips!  And there's a free accompanying video at my website:    Here's the link to the video that started it all:  

18.24 MB ZIP

USD 9.99

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