My pride and joy. This in-depth, 41 page manual is part template, part training program. It is a 20 week specialization program designed to maximize long term increases in bilateral vertical jumping ability, while also doubling as a complete training program for the entire body as well. The lower body exercises are pre-selected to optimize the strength qualities necessary for enhancing jumping capability, and the upper body work is left in template format so that the exercise selections may be determined by the athlete and their preferences.

I briefly discuss some of the science behind improving the vertical jump and provide in-depth explanations for why things are set-up the way they are as well as how to perform some of the more complicated and nuanced jumping exercises. I also provide a link to a video demonstration that shows some of the plyometric jumps and modified Olympic lifts in action for those who do better with a visual experience.

I refused to compromise the quality of the results here, so this program does contain a modified Olympic lift variation (the variation is left at the discretion of the trainee with recommendations being provided) as well as both low intensity and high intensity plyometric exercises that require some equipment to perform (objects to use as hurdles, boxes to jump onto and off of, and a tall object to touch in order to measure jump height, e.g. a wall), as I believe these exercises produce the absolute best results when it comes to enhancing power development and maximizing vertical jump performance.

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