Audiobook: The Occupation of Joe

Tokyo, 1945. A Japanese boy too old for his years, a survivor of the American firebombing, dares to cross the wasteland where he saw thousands burn to death. He’s determined to approach the occupying forces to get food for his family.

A young Navy lieutenant, proud of the Allied victory but appalled by the devastation he sees across the city, cares enough to help. As postwar pressures mount, he becomes entangled with the boy, his infant sister and his beautiful mother – at the risk of their lives and his own.

The Occupation of Joe lays bare the emotional and personal impacts of the culture clash between Japanese and Americans at the close of World War II. Told in short, propulsive chapters through alternating viewpoints, many readers finish this compelling story in one sitting.

Narrated by Author Bill Baynes, this three-hour audio version in MP3 format is available for a limited time for only $9.

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