Yin Yang (Full Album)

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Hozho is back with his first solo album of his career. Since the last album produced with Black Hertz in 2017 (Beyond the Horizon), the unique musical style of the Portuguese producer has evolved quite a lot aesthetically, with more minimalist details and a smarter composition. Yin Yang is the result of the perfect balance between dark power synths, basslines and harmonious melodies, with vocal elements that make us fly while we dance throughout the tracks, proving that Melodark Minimal is here to stay!


1 · Für Heisenberg (Intro)

2 · Für Heisenberg

3 · Ethno

4 · Storyteller

5 · Errors on a Canvas

6 · Beautiful Chaos

7 · You Made Me Like This

8 · Philophobia

9 · Sat Narayan (feat. Miper)

10 · Unexpected Things

11 · For Better or Worse (feat. Lily Und Wolf)

12 · For Better or Worse (Outro)


13 · Goodbye World (feat. Jéssica Silva) [Bonus Track]

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