The Ultimate Dawat Guide

Hosting, Dinners, Dawat, Party Menu Ideas

Your Guide for Mastering South-Asian Style Entertaining

Need help hosting? Cut down years of clumsy gatherings with The Ultimate Dawat Guide:

Your guide to mastering the art of South Asian style hosting & entertaining

In Urdu/Hindi, the word 'Dawat' means feast or banquet, but it more accurately represents an invitation.

In our busy lives, it's increasingly difficult to gather! But we are social beings, and it's essential now more than ever for our well-being. We all know it's so important to to nurture face-to-face relationships and feel connected to one another...

But how?

With the tools, knowledge, and wisdom in this guide, you'll be equipped to handle a range of gatherings with ease!

What's in the guide:

  • Time Management tips
  • Menu Planning ideas
  • How to determine the quantity of food
  • Decor Ideas
  • How to tackle space constraints
  • Pakistani and North Indian casual and formal Dinner menu ideas
  • Menu ideas for a range of celebrations from kids' birthdays, casual lunches, to more formal events
  • Checklists for what to do the days leading up to the event
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety
  • How to heat and reheat food..AND keep it warm
  • Which foods to partially cook or prepare beforehand and what to prepare fresh
  • Post-party cleanup tips
  • Table-setting and essential hosting items
  • The mindset behind good hosting
  • and so much more!!

This is a comprehensive guide to address all parts of South Asian entertaining! From Menu Planning for different events, to decor, to the FAQs every host asks!

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