ABCs of Written Chinese - Paper-free Learn to Write Chinese Textbook eBook w/ Exercises

Learn once, remember forever

This beautifully illustrated and easy-to-read 160+ page book is jammed packed with all the lessons and interactive exercises you need to learn and never forget the 20 most commonly seen radicals in written Chinese.   

Get back to the basics and become a master of radicals. Once you learn radicals, you'll be able to learn Chinese characters so easily it'll feel like you're cheating.    

The radicals in this book are relevant for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese and provide a strong foundation for learning to write in Chinese.

If you’ve struggled to remember characters for the long term, this book will teach you how radicals are the key to building a Chinese vocabulary that sticks.

Included in this book are: 

  • 20 well-organized and illustrated lessons about each of the 20 most commonly seen radicals in Chinese characters
  • 20 quizzes with exercises that reinforce the knowledge that you’ve acquired
  • Cultural tips about China and the written Chinese language
  • Recommendations for free tools to use to enhance your learning
  • Excellent customer support, including access to native Chinese speakers

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