Points & Miles Credit Card Tracker Template

Keep your credit cards organized!

Are you in the points & miles game (or thinking about it) but have difficulty tracking which credit cards you have, how far you are on the minimum spend, which cards to use for which purchases, or what the best bonuses are -- not to mention the sign-up bonuses? This tracker will help you keep your cards organized, always know which cards to use for things like gas, groceries, travel, internet, etc., in order to maximize your points earned. 

Other things you can track:

  • Type of card (business, personal, Amex, Chase, etc.)
  • Application, approval, and spend-by dates
  • Whether the card falls under the Chase 5/24 rule (and the date each card falls off 5/24)
  • Credit limit on the card
  • Annual Fee

USD 10.00

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