The Working Traveler's Guide to Feeling Great Naturally: Energize Your Health and Kick Ass!


Are you tired and achy when you pull into the next town, or exhausted and lacking energy to do your job well? Are you frustrated with your food choices while traveling and just don’t know what to eat? Are you totally stressed out every time you take on a new creative project? Are you worried you’ll get sick away from home and not know what to do? Do you feel like you need caffeine, alcohol or other drugs to perform your best?


• Having more energy to succeed on the job

• Less pain in your joints and muscles

• Mental clarity that stimulates your creative forces

• Reduced stress and anxiety so you stop wasting

energy you could be using to make money

• Stronger organs of detoxification that leave you

feeling renewed and ready for action

• Better sleep on the bus or plane, in your hotel or

even in your car

• Increased productivity

• Fewer sick days

• A feeling of empowerment about how to take better care of


• Clarity about an individualized program just for you

• Positive visualization skills for making your dreams a reality

• Having the tools to manage illness while traveling


"Congratulations on your guide- I LOVE it!!!"

"I read through it non-stop (which is rare for me).

Your authentic voice and your willingness to share your experiences gives me such a gift, a sense that I am ‘with’ you, that your obstacles have become your way toward understanding, toward illumination, toward living a balanced life. THIS is so powerful! And, you have SO MUCH good instruction for living healthy and acceptance and love for self and others. Thank you again for standing in your truth and making magic out of mess & BEING who you are!!!"

Much love,


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