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($100 CAD which is approx $74 USD; USD exchange rate will vary depending on time of your purchase)

This download will have your picture setup on all the colour analysis colour comparison backgrounds we use for our virtual colour analysis services.

This product is great for:

  • Those who would like to try to self colour analyze and/or
  • Those who may have purchased a colour analysis package without a report from us in the past (i.e. the Basic Package) who would like to see their picture on the colour analysis comparison backgrounds.

Steps to order:

1) Complete your payment on PayPal by clicking Buy Now button on this page which is at this link

2) Email one picture of your current face as described in 'Pictures of your current face' section at this link -

(please send us only 1 picture of the picture you would like us to use for your file).

Within 10 business days you will receive back:

  • The current picture of your face provided on all of the colour analysis comparison backgrounds we use for a virtual colour analysis in a 6 page PDF document following the steps of colour analysis: Step 1: Cool vs Warm; Step 2: Home Season; Step 3: Flows of Home Season. Note: this is a self colour analysis product for you to try to self colour analyze yourself, we do not complete your colour analysis for purchasers of this product.
  • A 1.5 page self colour analysis worksheet in PDF format where you can document your rationale for your self colour analysis for such categories as what was seen in your eyes, skin and natural hair colour over time that leads you to your result. This document includes a list of the 7 checks to look for in the colour comparison backgrounds above along with links to some supportive materials available for purchase or free viewing to assist (such as on our YouTube).

Key Notes:

  • This is a self colour analysis download product, we do not provide support on self colour analysis.
  • The PDF document will be for your personal use only and will have copyright protections embedded in it such as: your name, email address visible with your picture.
  • This product is aligned to the International Image Institute 16 season colour analysis system.
  • By purchasing you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:
  • There are no refunds except for the one scenario described below.
  • The download file link(s) sent to you will expire after 7 calendar days once emailed to you. Please download the file(s) at the link in a timely manner once emailed to you.
  • We do not provide technical support on how to download the download(s) to your computer or phone.
  • We do not respond to queries of this product on the colour analysis process and/or any support requested for self colour analysis. Any queries received of this nature will be re-directed to look at this term and condition for their purchase.
  • The files sent to you are copyrighted and will be for your personal use only. We do not give you permission to share beyond your personal use which includes not giving you permission to share on social media platforms.
  • No upgrades are accepted for purchasers of this product -- meaning if you would like to receive our professional opinion after trying your self colour analysis, you would have to enroll in our services at full price.
  • If you purchase this product and choose not to send us a current picture of your face within 7 calendar days, your purchase will be automatically cancelled and we will refund you (your refund amount will be the amount you paid less transaction fees charged to us for your transaction). Your email will receive a notification from our payment system when/if this cancellation takes place.

CAD 100.00

Sold by : Carol Brailey

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