Tantric Sex Sprint #2--A Tantric Lover's Guide to Kinky Lunch-Hour Fun

Tantric sex partners use prolonged, heightened states of arousal to energize their bodies and clear their minds.

How much FUN can you have in 20 minutes, and could a lunch-time “quickie” ever possibly qualify as a true Tantric experience?  Daddy Will Tantra and I set out to prove that TANTRA is a great way to spice up your sex life, and it works if you’re willing to make a safe space with certain parameters.

What you’ll find in this video:

A lot can happen in 20 minutes! Daddy Will Tantra and I managed to pull out a lot of fuckin’ fun tools from our toolbox in this video. We’re excited to show you how easy it is for two horny men to slow down time—or even stop it—when they’re dedicated to letting go of the constraints of everyday life, dropping in, and fully seizing the moment. 

Here are some of the magic Tantric sex practices you’ll see in this video:

  • FUCK-NOISE to prolong and enhance arousal 
  • STILLNESS. The Tantric practice (tapas) of lying completely still together, even when you’re so aroused you’re just about to cum.
  • BREATH: Conscious breathing to distribute cock/balls/ass energy throughout the body to gain control over your ejaculation ejaculation and heighten arousal
  • Whole-Body Erotic Energy Circuitry: The intentional use of ecstatic body positions to raise your energy levels and induce whole-body cathartic arousal.
  • PC muscle control for prolonged, whole-body orgasmic fun
  • Erogenous Zones:  The stimulation of sensitive areas—from the inner thighs to the armpits—with teeth, beard, mouth, and hands
  • LAUGHTER. The use of whole-hearted laughter to induce whole-body orgasmic states during heightened sexual arousal
  • POWER PLAY: Who’s in charge here?  Watch how two professional Tantric sex coaches dance around power-play dynamics until one of us completely takes charge and both of us get turned the fuck on.
  • And much, much more!

Bet you didn’t expect to hear all that in association with a kinky little sex video, did you? Well, the reality is that Tantra has room for everything—including kink!

We hope this video will help you remember the special little place in Tantra for play, taboo, and even your favorite filth-talk. 

Have fun!

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