Captured Sambo Fighter - Part II

When the first round ended, Igor knew that his Master was just warming up. It would be wishful thinking on a part of a slave to think that one round of punishment was enough. That was unlikely. Most masters in this alternate world considered punishing a slave a form of therapy.

He didn’t have to wonder that long nor he had to imagine what his next torment would be. Following a hasty command, the guard dragged him and tied him upside down. It was the most vulnerable position to be in to take a whipping because a slave could barely move when the wicked tails of the whip landed on any part of the body. At least when he was standing, he could counter the blow with little movements. When one was upside down, that leverage was effectively taken away.

As if the whipping was not enough, his master continued caressing his tenderized body with a special type of roller surrounded by little metal teeth guaranteed to enhance the pain.

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