Slaves Gladiators - Part I

You know about gladiators, do you? We do too. We breed them, in fact. Fighting can be great fun, if you are the Master, of course. These two were mere fighters in their previous lives. But their previous lives were over when they were silly enough to answer our carefully worded ad in a fighters’ mag. They paid us a visit, and be sure, we had our means to make them stay. Forever. Their breeding and upbringing was a painful for both of them. And it did work. As you can see they are quite happy with their new life of our slaves, if not dogs. They are full of energy and hatred, but they use these exceptional faculties to fight each other and please us. They adore their masters and worship the dust under our feet. But they are still fighters and know how to behave on the carpet. We do use whips and all that, but the very pain they feel just make them even more eager to fight and please us. And you, of course.

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