The Dirty Talk Game (with Brad Amberheart and Will Tantra)

This is a special game designed to help men get out of our busy minds, ask for what we want—and then enjoy the living fuck out ourselves by doing what we love!

I’m a Tantric sex coach, and a lot of my clients actually are surprised by just how turned-on they get by just SPEAKING about their sexual turn-ons, let alone DOING them! My lovers and I have used this game, many times, to shift our energy from feeling tired and unenthusiastic to getting so fucking excited we're just about to bust a fucking nut...

You can tell I personally LOVE to talk dirty, but it's important to let you know that the name "Dirty Talk Game" is a bit of a misnomer. The game is more about LEARNING TO ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, rather than a requirement that you learn to "talk dirty". Try it, and inevitably, you'll see...speaking what you've been holding back from saying is going to tickle you (and your lover) in ways you may never have imagined!

“The Dirty Talk Game” is a recipe for mind-blowing foreplay, not to mention a potent tool for power-play and role reversal.  YOU get to decide when you're ready to switch roles!

Here’s the basic format of the exercise you’re about to see demonstrated in this video by two horny, eager men:

Each of you take turns following these 4 steps

  • 1) Pay your lover a compliment, such as "I've always loved the way your lips look," or "you look fucking good in that jock strap" or "staring into your eyes makes me fucking hard”

  • 2) Tell him what you want to do to him, ie. "I would so fuckin love to lick your fucking lips and drink you up" or "I want to tickle your fucking shaft with my tongue until you fucking shiver head to toe, fucker". Be as explicit as you can be. This is, after all, the dirty talk game.

  • 3) Do to him what you said you wanted to do to him and tell him how much you're enjoying itFor example: "I'm fucking loving the taste of your fuckin' juicy lips...I feel like I'm fucking drinking you, and it tastes so fuckin' good!”

  • 4). Ask him a question. The question can be anything, but one easy question to ask him is "How do you like that? Are you enjoying what I'm doing to you?" This is the end of your turn.

Now Switch Roles!

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