Human Osteology PC - 3. Advanced - (Windows/Mac)


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  • One-time activation code for "Human Osteology PC"
  • Lesson 1: Anatomical Terms
  • Lesson 2: Bone Names
  • Lesson 3: Individual Bone Identification
  • Lesson 4: Individual Bone Features

Supported Platforms: Windows/Mac

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Human Osteology PC - Latest Windows Version:

Human Osteology PC - Latest Mac Version:

Note: We are working with Apple to verify our software on OSX. In the meantime, you will need to CTRL + Click -> Open the app from the Applications folder to give it permission to launch.


Learning Human Osteology is an important step for anyone with career aspirations in the medical field. We have designed a program that brings the best parts of a standard Osteology course right to you. For this course, we have 3-D scanned real human bones with a high-quality 3-D scanner, so all of the minute details of every bone are there. You will be handling real human bones, turning them over, inspecting them up close, and trying to figure out how best to learn the names, features, and sides of the 200+ bones of the human body.

You will be led through a learning process in the same sequence that we use in our typical 15-week in-person course. First, you will learn the names and locations of all the bones in the human body. Then you will learn about the individual bones and their sides. Finally, you will learn the important features of the bones. During and after each section of the course you will be tested to confirm your knowledge of the material.

*Mac version may require additional permission to run*

*Full product requires a one-time activation code*

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