Jupiter 8 Morph

VST/AU/Standalone Editor for Roland Jupiter 8 fitted with Encore Electronics MIDI Interface. Version 1.2 available 21 May 2021.

Note that this is a controller only. This product does not generate sound on it's own. You need to own a Jupiter 8.

Jupiter 8 Morph is a VST/AU/Standalone plugin that allows for advanced control of a Roland Jupiter 8 fitted with an Encore Electronics MIDI Interface (we are talking the original beast from 1983, not the boutique range released in 2017).

All front panel controls of the Jupiter 8 can be controlled in real time with this plugin. The left cheek controls cannot be controlled, as they are not saved as part of the patch on the Jupiter 8.

The librarian imports and exports to the Jupiter 8 and also to and from SYSEX files that are 100% compatible with the Encore Electronics MIDI interface. The librarian support patch naming, authors and categories and allows backup and management of patches, including arranging patches for transfer to your Jupiter 8.

This software also features a Morph function allowing you to morph between any 2 Jupiter 8 patches, in real time. Hit the M button for functionality that is not possible from the front panel, and take your Jupiter 8 to the next level.

Note: Once an activation code has been issued we cannot offer refunds. Please trial the product prior to purchase to ensure it's suitability for use.

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