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Windows 7 to the latest version of Windows 10 are supported.

With the purchase of the program you get a software license with a one-year validity. The activation is performed on one device and a later change of the licensed device is excluded. It is not possible to change or take back the license after the successful purchase. The use on virtual machines is not possible with this license model, but only for commercial purposes on request.

Our service providers EJUNKIE and PayPal protect your data in payment transactions. Therefore, they use SSL encryption for security reasons and to protect your confidential as well as personal content during transmission in payment transactions. You yourself can determine whether SSL encryption is activated or not. You can recognize the use of encryption by the address bar of the browser. Only when the regular display changes from "http://" to "https://" is the data transfer encrypted. The browser line "https://" indicates the use of SSL encryption, the payment transaction is now being encrypted. Activating SSL encryption makes it impossible for third parties to read your confidential data. Therefore, only transfer your data when SSL encryption is activated.

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