Real Black History - We Know The Truth Now - Part I (Documentary)

This video documentary is real black history, looking back moving forward to a positive and progressive black history. Our history did not began with slavery. Most of our history have been hidden and not really talked about. Black history is world history. We have made significant contributions worldwide into every society since the beginning of time. However, this video documentary consist of deep content you will not get from your public schools, colleges, universities are even your churches. Therefore, no more hiding the truth and no more lies. - 121 min (2 hr, 1 min).

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What a show this was yesterday! It was such an eye opener man! Abshaiyah packed it full of key points that's relevant for us today that we need to know. He really did a good job! And it’s not like other documentary’s, but its exiting to watch & the film design is eye catching and creative too. You’ll definitely relate to it. Check it out. I'll be there to see part 2 next week. 

_Anique, Toronto.

Best documentary I have every watched.

_Zibiyah, Maple.

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