Victorious - The Alpha and Omega of Bodyweight Training

The World-Beater Bodyweight Training Program

I was wrong.

I was wrong about working out, about building muscle and getting truly strong.

For 18 years I was wrong.

But everything changed during a national lockdown in Quito, Ecuador.

As the world was going mad right in front of my eyes, I decided to relearn everything I thought I knew about working out.

At that point, I had been training consistently for 2 decades, with good success (... so I thought).

But it was time for something new. I wanted to challenge myself.

I wanted to do something extraordinary.

And while locked inside my home, I began working on a brand new training system for myself.

Complete tunnel vision.

I focused on one thing and one thing only.


And in the following months, everything changed.

Yes, I am in infinitely better shape today. (Without using magic potions)

And I look like I aged in reverse. (I did)

But that's just the superficial stuff. The real change was happening behind the scenes.

This program I was on transformed me from the inside out.

It made me more disciplined, more confident, more efficient, and more... alive.

I knew I was onto something big. And I knew it would be criminal to keep it to myself.

VICTORIOUS is the product of 2 decades of research and development.

But make no mistake.

I didn't read any books or articles on working out to come up with "my own" shitty version of a 12-week transformation.

I put myself through the MEAT GRINDER, training like I had a gun to my head for a year straight.

And while I was running some admittedly crazy experiments, I made a rather humbling discovery.

My understanding of the human body was shallow, one-dimensional, and incomplete.

I didn't really understand how to trigger a REAL transformation, because I never dug deep enough.

I never went far enough.

Big mistake.

Because only when you strip away the industry myths and cut through your safety net, you can hope to eventually strike gold.

And boy oh boy did I strike gold.

But before we move on, I want to make something very clear here: I'm nobody special.

I don't have superior genetics or 24/7 access to the world's best equipment.

I had to FIGHT for every inch of progress.

And the thing that struck me during this transformative time, perhaps more than anything, is that...

It's never too late to start over.

No matter whether you're a rank beginner or a seasoned training veteran.

No matter how many times you've tried to get in eye-popping shape in the past or how limited you think your God-given potential is.

This time will be different.

If you're ready to put in the work and commit fully, this time will be different.

My word on that.



  • An uncompromising Bodyweight Training Program designed for SUPERIOR RESULTS

  • Train anytime & anywhere using the 7 Best Exercises On The Planet

  • The roadmap to getting bigger and stronger than ANYONE you know from the comfort of your own home (Spoiler: nothing about this will be comfortable)

  • Includes the WORLD-BEATER strategies that radically transformed my body even with the odds stacked against me (This stuff you won't find anywhere else!)

  • The BLUEPRINT to becoming a Real-World Superhero (I'm dead serious)

And much more...


You ain’t seen nothing yet.

VICTORIOUS - The Alpha and Omega of Bodyweight Training will change everything.

It changed me. And I’m only getting started.

You ready to be Victorious?

Get on the program right now.



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