Real Food Hits the Road

Are you planning to hit the road for a family vacation? Want to take a road trip but the idea of eating out three meals a day doesn’t work for your budget or your health? Love the idea of eating real food on the road but don’t want to be chained to the stove while on vacation?

Real Food Hits the Road will be your guide to saving the budget, keeping your digestion working well, and enjoying real food away from home while letting you enjoy the trip and not "cook" all of the time.

Real Food Hits the Road is not just a cookbook, it is a tutorial in making real food simple and enjoyable while away from home. Many of the recipes and concepts are based on teachings from the Weston A. Price Foundation and encourage traditional preparation methods while keeping things as simple as possible. This book is not sponsored or endorsed by WAPF.

USD 7.99

Sold by : Millie Copper

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