DISC Behavior Assessment, PLUS full, personalized, report.

Learn your natural behavior style and how to connect more effectively with others.

PLUS: TWO BONUS VIDEOS to help you understand the 4 styles and your personalized DISC report.

What you get:

  • 10-minute online DISC assessment
  • Bonus video #1: explanation of the 4 styles
  • Bonus video #2: explanation of your report
  • Full PERSONALIZED 24-page DISC report with:
  • Your strengths and limitations
  • How you perform under pressure
  • How your style impacts your work
  • How you perform based on others’ expectations
  • What truly motivates you
  • Your natural communication style
  • Ways to identify personality styles of others
  • Tips for adapting your style for more effective communication
  • Action plan and worksheet
  • Your best career matches
  • Famous leaders in history who share your style

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Sold by : Marianne Renner

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