Cracking the Snacking

LOSE WEIGHT Easily & Naturally the DIET-FREE Way!

"It gave me the new beginning I was seeking"

Re-train YOUR brain to a healthier, more confident YOU!

  • LOSE WEIGHT without restrictive dieting
  • LONG-LASTING RESULTS based on the latest neuroscientific research
  • ACHIEVABLE as you work with your body and not against it
  • EASY to listen to in the comfort of your home
  • MANAGEABLE & MAINTAINABLE using the power of positive psychology

FINALLY! A weight loss program that works in tandem with the mind and body.


My name is Anna Ritchie and I am a clinical hypnotherapist.

I discovered hypnotherapy quite by chance having listened to a hypnotherapy recording from a great friend (and also a great hypnotherapist) of mine. You can read more about this on my website.

Having spent years in a BAD PLACE EMOTIONALLY, I didn’t really believe anything was powerful enough to help me. I’d SUFFERED with issues around food, I was anxious and my health was beginning to suffer.

That was, until I listened to JUST ONE HYPNOTHERAPY RECORDING and from that moment, EVERYTHING CHANGED. I felt a sense of CALM and a feeling of PURPOSE. I felt positive and ready to move my life to the next stage with renewed ENERGY, HOPE, FITNESS, better HEALTH and a more NATURAL body shape.

My passion is now to help people in the way I was helped and share this incredible resource with you all. The exciting work and research of leading neuroscientists continuously pave the way for programs such as Cracking the Snacking that work with an understanding of and in conjunction with the mind and body.

Use this recording to DISCOVER and LEARN NEW WAYS and STRATEGIES to approach your food choices.


This recording is designed to help you make healthy eating choices. Results will vary with each individual. Testimonials are written by real customers and reflect the effectiveness of their experience of Anna's work. They are, however, NOT intended to represent the average or typical customer.

Many factors are important in determining your success and this recording does not guarantee a cure. Furthermore, it is not a substitute for medical care or advice. As with any health condition or concern, either physical or emotional, please consult your medical practitioner first.

Please consult your doctor before listening to this recording.

When listening to this recording, please do NOT drive or operate any machinery.

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