High Calorie RECIPES e-Cookbook

A cookbook for older adults experiencing unintended weight loss.

This is a full color e-cookbook with recipes to stop unintended weight loss and promote weight gain in older adults. This cookbook was designed to help YOU… whether you are the health care professional, the caregiver, or the actual meal provider for older adults. Stopping unintended weight loss is key to helping older adults maintain muscle & stay independent longer.



•         Full color e-cookbook

•         Clear, easy to understand information

•         65+ delicious and creative recipes

•         Simple recipes with calorie & protein facts

•         Detailed information on high calorie foods

•         6.8 MB PDF download

•         Inspiration to create even more high calorie recipes!


Recipes are broken down by category and include:

•          High Calorie BREAKFASTS

•          High Calorie ENTREES

•          High Calorie SIDES

•          High Calorie SOUPS

•          High Calorie SNACKS

•          High Calorie DESSERTS

•          High Calorie BREAKFASTS

6.81 MB PDF

USD 19.99

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