Bikers - ZX Spectrum Next - Digital Download

Throttle wide-open, needle on the redline... it's you against the top riders of the Grand Prix circuit as you race your motorcycle across 5 continents in a bid to be first across the line!

Race against the clock to reach the next stage, whilst battling wheel-to-wheel with your opponents.

Inspired by the classic arcade racers of the 1980s, Bikers brings the excitement home to the ZX Spectrum Next in full-colour, high-octane glory.

  • Console-quality arcade gameplay
  • Huge sprites
  • 5 challenging courses
  • Customisable difficulty level
  • Supports Atari/Kempston and Mega Drive compatible pads/joysticks and keyboard
  • Optionally supports Atari Driving Controller
  • Fully re-definable keys
  • Specially composed AY-3 soundtrack
  • Dynamic sound effects
  • Compatible with both 50Hz (HDMI/VGA/RGB) and 60Hz (VGA/RGB only)

The digital edition of Bikers is installed by copying the contents of the supplied .ZIP file to an SD card containing your ZX Spectrum Next system software.

10.58 MB ZIP

GBP 8.95

Sold by : Cavern Games

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